The Issues

  • Pro-Business

Less government regulation can and will give the ability to small businesses the opportunity to operate successfully.

  • Sanctuary City

How many illegal immigrants do we have living in Spokane?

  • Infastructure

How can the City Council, justify spending money on bicycle lanes, while our streets, bridges, and overpasses are crumbling?

Less government regulation means small businesses can operate on their terms not the City Council’s. City Council needs to stop adding burdensome regulations that harm the economic growth of Spokane.
In 2014, the Spokane City Council passed into law that the Spokane PD cannot inquire or request any resident to show documentation of their immigration status.
It’s time the City Council set it’s priorities on Spokane’s infrastructure. We must create a practical budget and spend our money on paving streets and updating infrastructure.
  • Fiscal Responsibility

The Spokane City Council creates, and controls the budget for the city, and it’s spending is out of control!

  • Legal Immigration

Spokane City Council has defied federal law by becoming a Sanctuary City.

  • Economic Growth

Economic Growth has been stunted due to burdensome and unneeded regulations set forth by the City Council.

Spokane needs to be forced to live within its means like it’s residents do every day.  Be a steward of your money and spend it wisely. Tony wants to work within our existing revenues and not raise taxes.
Tony Supports legal immigration, but does not support the City Council’s decision to harbor and abed illegals under the auspice of a Sanctuary City. The City Council has put Spokane at risk of losing its federal funding – which will affect thousands of residents for its own political agenda and Tony wants to stop this from happening!
With a smaller government and less regulations being held over the heads of established and new business owners, Spokane will begin to flourish! New job opportunities at all levels will not only bring in more monies for both the city coffers but also to the people. It’s time to give the business owner back their business from the clutches of useless regulations put down by the City Council!
  • Public Safety

On a scale of 1-100, Spokane is listed as 53 for Violent Crimes and 85 for Property Crimes.*

  • Pro-Life

It is time that Spokane increases both its Firefighters and Police force. Response times can take hours at peak times! We need to Make Spokane Safe Again! No one should have to be in fear that their home might be broken into while they are trying the new restaurant downtown!