The Issues

  • Pro-Business

Less government regulations will give broader operational abilities to small businesses.

Less government regulation means small businesses can operate on their terms not the City Council’s. City Council needs to stop adding burdensome regulations that harm the economic growth of Spokane.
  • Sanctuary City

Is Spokane at risk of losing its federal funding because of City Council’s actions in protecting illegal immigrants?

In 2014, the Spokane City Council passed into law that the Spokane PD cannot inquire or request any resident to show documentation of their immigration status.
  • Infrastructure

How can the City Council, justify spending money on bicycle lanes, while our streets, bridges, and overpasses are crumbling?

It’s time the City Council set it’s priorities on Spokane’s infrastructure. We must create a practical budget and spend our money on paving streets and updating infrastructure.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Economic Growth
  • Public Safety
  • Improved Spokane Infrastructure
  • Community Collaboration